Daddy/ Daughter Day of Fun:

☑️ Bus journey
☑️ Playground
☑️ New hair clips
☑️ Indoor train ride
☑️ McDonalds lunch
☑️ Homemade rollercoaster simulator

Achievement Unlocked: Favourite Parent.

At least until Mummy gets home.

Just saw my first trailer for “Venom” and understood maybe 50% of what Tom Hardy said. Someone needs to stop that man from using voices other than his own.

Eldest child: “Daddy, I wish you would change jobs and work at Santa’s workshop. And be an elf” 🎅

Is “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” so named for the number of times Tom Cruise falls out of planes and helicopters?

Review: Final Space Season 1


In the beginning, I was worried it was going to be a bit “flat” (don’t ask me, I’m not a wordslinger, that’s just what my brain is telling me), but it does a good job as it goes on of mixing the jokes and the “feels”. Looking forward to season 2.


Final Space season 1

→ The Great Bug Hunt (Allen Pike)

Luckily, a pattern was soon detected – albeit a strange one. The game was only crashing overnight on one of the three Xboxes. A search for differences ensued. It wasn’t the power cables. It wasn’t the controllers. It wasn’t the order they were burning the DVDs. Bring the Xbox back to your desk – no crash. Put it back – crash. It was something about the very specific setup QA was using.

This is a really interesting story. If it were me, I would have given up and assumed it was a single faulty hardware unit long before that. One of the many reasons I’m not a software developer by trade!

Enjoying the new version of the Castro podcast app. The haptic feedback as you transition to the Now Playing screen feels so satisfying.

Finally finished Lost in Space. I wonder if they had to write out 80% of the cast for next season in order to pay for the effects in that final episode. I do love a good robot fight.